Flying Turkey

A regular feature of this blog is a focus on international developments in the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV”) technology.

Recent posts have focuses on Italy and Israel, in addition to the United States, obviously.

Today: Turkey.

With neighbors like Russia, Georgia, and other important nations and regions, it is no wonder that Turkey would be interested in UAV technology.  However, stringent export controls have hampered the country’s efforts to acquire UAVs built in the United States.  Consequently, Turkish Aviation Industries (“TAI”) is manufacturing its own indigenous UAVs

In the United States, the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (“ITAR”) is an important safeguard to the export and transfer of aviation technology.  While important as a matter of law and national security, it may be having the unintended consequence of spurring other nations like Turkey to develop their own UAVs, including combat-ready  (“UCAVs“) systems.