Unmanned in Ungoverned Airspace

A day after Americans celebrated their 237th year of independence from the British Empire, the breaking news, of course, is a military coup in Egypt.

As relevant to this blog is the existence of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) in the inventory of Egyptian military.  In fact, last November, Egypt acknowledged the purchase of UAVs manufactured in Turkey.

The implications of what is occurring in Egypt are huge, not just for Egyptians themselves, but for the United States government, which has given and dedicated substantial monies to the now-former Egyptian government.

What is happening in Egypt also underscores an issue that seems always to come up when tumultous political events occur in  parts of the world: When there is instability in government, there is a real question of who controls the weapons and military assets.  With respect to Egypt, Israel, Turkey and other regional neighbors will be watching carefully.