UAV Justification: With Neighbors Like These …

A look at drones internationally this week brings us to India.

Interesting report recently on India’s plans for acquisition and domestic development of a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”) through its state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics, Ltd.  With neighboring Pakistan and other regional issues, the motivation for UAV development and deployment in India air space is self-evident.  In fact, amid all of the many UAV manufacturers, one report indicates India has imported a full seven percent of the world’s arms.

India has partnerships with Israel and Russia for UAVs, but as this video shows, where drones are made is intertwined with concepts of national pride:

While India focuses on defensive (and, make no mistake, offensive) drones, there is another aspect to drone use in that nation that is particularly interesting – the defense  of rhinos and wildlife protection.  Great story about the use of UAVs to protect this amazing creature from poaching.


India is a remarkable country with dynamic aviation missions and markets worth following.  How the law develops to encourage the further growth of aviation there will be interesting to watch.